We are delighted to announce that Sky ACE Academy and Eden Project Nursery has been approved by the Department for Education. To join our mailing list for email updates, please click on the contact tab and send us an email with your name, age of child/ren and email address.

Admission arrangements

Sky ACE Academy will be a non-selective, fully inclusive school whose students will be drawn from and reflect the local community.  

The Admissions Process

In addition to your normal online choices, to apply for Sky ACE Academy you will need to apply through a separate website provided by Cornwall Council. The date that this admission process opens is to be confirmed.


Applications will continue to be accepted until the school is full, however, those that apply before the formal application window closes (31st January) will take priority.


Parents will receive an email confirming or refusing their application, in addition to their offer from Cornwall Council for the normal choices. At this point, parents who have two offers will be asked to choose which offer they are going to accept.


Offers will be made in line with our Admissions Policy which will be available on the website once it has been approved by the DfE.


We will then offer places to those on the waiting list, as places become available.

Those who do not receive an offer of a place have the right to appeal.


Below is an outline of the approximate timings for parents wishing to apply to Sky ACE Academy:

June 2019 – July 2019

Six week consultation period on the admissions policy and whether or not the DfE should enter into a funding agreement with the ACE Trust for Sky ACE Academy.


September 2019 – January 2020

Parents apply for Sky ACE Academy through Cornwall Council, outside of the co-ordinated admissions process. They must also apply for three other schools through the Cornwall Council co-ordinated admissions process in case there are any delays with the free school, the local authority would need to make a conditional offer for the free school alongside a firm offer for another open school.

April 2020

Parents/carers can log on to the Cornwall Council parent portal from 00:30am to see their offer of a school place and an email offer will be sent during the day to the email address the parent/carer used when submitting their application.

May 2020

The last day for requesting an appeal.

June 2020 onwards

Appeal hearings take place.


Eden Project Nursery:

The School Admissions Code does not apply to nurseries, including those that are part of a school. During the year of opening applications will be accepted anytime during the academic year after a child’s 3rd birthday.

Parents should note that attendance at the nursery does not guarantee a place in a reception class at this school. A separate application process will be available for apply via the school website.